Protecting hardwood floors during a move is one of the most important things to pay attention to

5 Tips for Protecting Hardwood Floors during a Move

The time for your move has finally come. You are probably excited about starting a new life in a different place and you would like for the whole moving process to end as soon as possible. However, this is exactly the part to which you should pay more attention. It is not advisable to hurry since you will probably have to face some consequences later. One of the things you should choose carefully is definitely your mover. In addition to this, it is preferable to pay special attention to the floors– you certainly want to avoid damaging them. So, once the day of the move arrives, make sure you follow these pieces of advice that concern protecting hardwood floors during a move.

First things first- cover your floors

Before you start moving your boxes in, make sure you properly protect the floors. This means that it is preferable to cover them and, in that way, prevent any kind of damage, such as scratches, dents and scrapes. For this purpose, there are many different types of products you can use. You have protection rolls at your disposal as well as cardboard. You do not have to worry about where to find them- all the stores have them. On the other hand, you can also use something you already have. If there are some old carpets which you would like to get rid of, you can use them one last time before you throw them away. Of course, this will be good for you budget- you will cut down on your expenses.

When protecting hardwood floors during a move you can always use cardboard
When protecting hardwood floors during a move you can always use cardboard

Protecting hardwood floors during a move means not dragging furniture

You would probably like for the floors in your new home to remain as beautiful as they already are. Therefore, make sure you do not drag the furniture across the floor. Even if you have protected your floor and covered it, the damage could be easily done. In case you need some cheap and reliable assistance for your upcoming move, professional movers are just what you are looking for. They will give you some pieces of advice about protecting hardwood floors during a move, among others. Just remember that they are experienced, so there will be no need for you to distrust them. Of course, this also goes for the time when you need to pack your belongings and move them out of your current house. It would be nice to leave the floor intact for the future residents.

Make sure you hire a moving company with the right equipment

When the need for changing your place of residence arises, one of the most important things you need to do is to hire a moving company. However, this should not be just any company- it is preferable to hire a professional one. One such company is certainly Evolution Moving Company NB. Their employees will make sure that the whole moving process runs smoothly. This means that they are experienced and that one of their priorities will be protecting hardwood floors during a move. The needed equipment will be there with them with which they will minimize the possibility of having your floors damaged. All of this means that there will be no need for you to worry about anything- you can be free to dedicate yourself to performing other tasks.

You should pad anything that touches the floor

When it comes to protecting hardwood floors during a move, it seems that you can never be sure enough that there will be no damage. Of course, the more you protect your floor and your furniture, the lower will be the chances for the floors to scratch or scrape. Therefore, it is also advisable to take a special care of your furniture. This means that you should put padding under anything that you plan to put on the floor. For example, when you are moving out of your old home and you are taking a picture off the wall, put a blanket on the floor before you put it down. Also, when you are moving in and you are putting a shelf together, it is preferable to put some padding on the floor before setting down your tools.

moving companies and their trucks
A professional moving company will make sure your floors do not get damaged

Another thing you should do is to measure your furniture before moving in

Believe it or not, this is truly something that can be of great importance when protecting your floors is in question. First of all, make sure you measure all the bigger items of your furniture. After that, go to your new house and measure doorways and rooms. In case some piece of your furniture is too big, try to unscrew its parts and transport it like that. Do not risk bringing a large piece of furniture into your new home. It can easily happen that you scratch off the floors while trying to fit a too-large couch through a too-small doorway. Also, you can drop your large table on the floor while unpacking the new dining room. To prevent this, all you need is to make sure the measures are right.

Now that you are familiar with ways of protecting hardwood floors during a move, it is high time to hire a professional moving company and start packing your belongings. Although there are some things you can do to make the scratches less visible, it is always better to be more attentive and try to avoid this scenario. All you need to do is to follow these simple pieces of advice and take precautionary measures. Protect your floor and keep the beautiful wood in great condition.

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