5 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom For That Spa-Like Experience

So, you finally decided on that bathroom renovation that you have wanted for a long time, congratulations! However, let’s not jump into spontaneous things, we have to think things, through to bring out the best out of your bathroom.

So with that said, here are some ways to decorate your bathroom for that spa-like experience.

The Bathtub

If you are looking for that spa-like feel and the calming yet therapeutic feeling in your bathroom, then you should start by merely installing the widest bathtub that can fit in your bathroom. Alongside that bathtub, you might also enjoy the feeling of adding a few therapeutic scented candles and oil besides it and then add additional waterproof massagers to heighten the atmosphere of a spa.

The Toilet

One of the most overlooked upgrades around the household is the Toilet. There are so many technological advancements that revolve around the toilet, which includes, flushing, cleaning, scenting and of course cleaning you up as well. Now that you are looking to renovate and switch it up a little bit, it is time that you should ask the questions like, What are Bidets? What is a badeaux toilet?

There are so many options that you can choose from with toilets. From toilet bowl with built in bidet, electronic toilet bidet combo with waters and even affordable toilet with bidet feature.

Regardless of which one you should choose, a wc with bidet would make you feel like you are not only in a spa but a luxury 5-star hotel.

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The Lights

While you are at it, maybe it is time to update your lights as well. From chandelier installments to merely changing the light bulbs, these are the kinds of changes that should depend on what is suitable on your budget. Since we do not advise you to be cheap when it comes to the bathtub and bidet, this last three ways require more critical thinking than the previous 2.

Changing the light switches to lights that can dim on your demand would help you settle in and relax when you need to. Alongside that, there are also lights that switch colors to support further the mood of the person that is using it. This change might be minuscule to grand depending on the wirings that are set in your house, but regardless, all it takes is the switch and a few accessories before the light. If you also have a high ceiling, a hanging light bulb would surely add to the vibe that you would feel.

The Walls

Let’s assume that you have everything set already. Well, if you still have a few bucks on the tank, another improvement that you should do is to paint the whole room up. Painting a room into calm and refreshing colors would not only set it apart from the neighbors and give envy to your visitors, but it would also bring you trouble since the people who come in would often take a few more minutes to take in how at home your toilet makes them feel.