An easy tip to clean oven in the bathtub

Cleaning an oven may seem to be the less hassle work but the fact is as long as you don’t really use the right trick there is not the worth result which you can expect. No doubt as long as you have a good bathtub and dishwasher detergent, you are all set. However, in this as well, the most challenging part that you may come across is the inactive time. No doubt, it is still worth but you need to be careful about what you are really choosing. The racks soaking can help in softening the junk and the grease that must have gets stored up for long. This way you can easily wipe off and scrub the part without any problem.

How to clean an oven in the bathtub:

You must have searched by now thousands of times on how to clean the oven rack but have you really wondered whether cleaning an oven with those things will actually work or not. Well, it all depends on the quality of product that you buy and also the type of service that you are likely to get after you use it. But here is something new you can learn. You can try out the process of cleaning the oven racks in the bathtub with these easy tops. However, the best part is the rack gets washed up pretty well and you can actually see the difference soon after you clean it well.

Things You Need for this:

During the cleaning process of oven rack just to make sure nothing goes wrong, you are advised to keep all things ready with you. This way, it will be convenient for you to get everything done in a right manner. You would require two old towels, hot water, bathtub and kettle. Dishwasher detergent and bar keepers’ friend if required at the time.

Understanding the process:

There is no hard and fast rule in understanding how to clean oven racks. All you need to do is, lay around some towels and put the oven on it so that the risk of oven racks to get scratched in between can be avoided. Then put the racks with hot water in the bathtub for a while and then mix ½ cup of dishwasher detergent in it. With the brush, clean off the stains and grease if there are any along with the tough sports. Rinse it again well with the water and then dry thoroughly.

You are then all set to put the cleaned racks back into the oven without any problem.