Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher: What Is It And Who Needs It?

If you have a new home or are just wondering about what security upgrades your home needs, you need to think about the basics of keeping your home safe. You never know what could happen, so it is always best to have safety precautions ready to prevent any issues. One of the most basic safety items that you should have in your home is a fire extinguisher. However, you might be wondering why having something like that could be so important if you for instance already have a fire alarm in your home. To help you learn what a clean agent fire extinguisher is and why you need one, here’s the info that you need to know.

What’s a Clean Agent Extinguisher?

A clean agent fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher that does the job of a normal fire extinguisher, but better. A common reason why house fires occur is because of electronics, such as a spark from an outlet, from wires, etc. When you spray these things using a regular fire extinguisher, you’re going to save your home but you’re also going to damage the electronics. So when you use this against a fire on electronics, it kills the fire without causing any damage to the items because it doesn’t leave a residue. Additionally, it won’t conduct electricity back to the person using it, which is an extra benefit to the person who is trying to save their home and valuables.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Kind of Fire Extinguisher?

For one thing, they are much more environmentally acceptable compared to traditional fire extinguishers. Some traditional fire extinguishers are banned in some countries because of the damage that they can cause. They’re effective against most kinds of fires, such as petrol, butane, propane, etc. They won’t deplete the ozone layer while doing the job. This is because it has a much shorter atmospheric lifetime, which means it won’t linger around long enough to cause any damage. In general, having a fire extinguisher in your home is always a must, and it’s a great plus that it isn’t harmful to the user, environment, or items around it except the fire itself.

Who Needs This Kind of Fire Extinguisher?

In our personal opinion, everyone needs this kind of fire extinguisher in their home. However, people with things such as home offices or studios with lots of expensive electrical equipment will definitely benefit from having this, that way they can avoid damaging all of their belongings. This isn’t only limited to regular homes as well, because people on boats should have this kind of fire extinguisher on board. Data storage rooms and rooms with art items will also be better off with this kind of fire extinguisher.

You should always be ready for any situation that might occur in your home, boat, office, etc. Remember, prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath of a burnt home or having to wait for the fire department to arrive.

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