Etiquette While Engaging with Crowdfunding Donors: Dos and Don’ts

Etiquette has become of utmost importance these days, especially with the onset of social media platforms, where you’re watched 24×7. Etiquette matters when you’re well known, an influencer, a philanthropist , a lawyer, or anyone who is watched or has worked to build a large following. It matters when you need to maintain a reputation among your followers or fans, for the sake of earning a living. It matters when you’re running a business, an organization or even a project.

It matters in nearly any situation where social media and money are both involved. This includes the crowdfunding India campaigner on platforms like Impact Guru as well. As an individual or a team making an appeal to potential donors, it’s important to be in their good books. Happy donors want to get involved in your project and go out of their way to find you more donors. On the other hand, an unhappy donor can discourage others from contributing to your campaign, resulting in a serious hit to your fundraiser. Below we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for the particularly social media un-savvy campaigner!

  1. Do give your donor a clear plan of how you’re utilizing the funds you’re raising. Even if it isn’t a precise break-up of where every penny is going to go, your plan needs to give your donors the idea that you know what you’re doing, that your project is authentic and also give them an idea of how their donation will impact your cause.
    Don’t be vague about your fund utilization plan. This can make your potential donors suspicious and drive them away.
  2. Do keep them updated on how your project and your fundraiser are progressing. All donors (yes, even the ones that don’t keep in touch) expect to hear back in some way about how your fundraiser is going and how their donation helped. No donor forgets the campaign they donated to.
    Don’t run away after you’ve received the donations! Your donors will be disappointed and may discourage others from contributing. If you keep them updated, they’ll naturally spread the word for you.
  3. Do take the time to educate them about how crowdfunding India works and more importantly, how your project operates, who it targets and how it helps. Be patient, sincere and informed about your fundraiser and your project. Every donor will appreciate these qualities.
    Don’t be unapproachable and ill-informed. It’s okay if you aren’t clear on the donation procedure, but in this case, make sure you direct your donor’s queries to your campaign manager (platforms like Impact Guru assign a dedicated campaign manager to each fundraiser). However, you do need to be able to answer questions about your project.
  4. Do write a good, informed and strong fundraiser story with a clear call to action. Look at your story like a stranger who may make a donation and answer questions that pop up into your head.
    Don’t miss out on important details, forget to actually ask your readers to make a donation and share your fundraiser or even worse, leave your story empty!

These tips have been compiled after years of observing crowdfunding India campaigns that have failed and succeeded. The biggest stories are often run by approachable, amiable and determined campaigners while the ones that don’t meet their target are usually run by campaigners who are less dedicated to their cause and don’t actively engage in the right ways. If you’re looking to raise money for a project, start today!