Four Commonly Asked Hydroponics Questions, Answered

When it comes to hydroponics many people don’t know where to begin, simply because they do not fully understand what hydroponics is. However, it is important to us to make sure that people do know all the benefits of growing hydroponically.

You may be thinking at this moment, well what do I need to know? In this blog we will answer some of the most commonly asked question which relate to hydroponics, but first you need to know all the benefits of hydroponics:

  • Hydroponics is so popular due to you being able to grow all year-round, many gardeners get fed up of the changing season which means they can only grow certain things, season dependant. However, this form of gardening means people doesn’t have to stress about the seasons changing and can happily grow all year.
  • Another one of the benefits of hydroponics is that you don’t have to think about weeding and getting any pesticides.
  • Plants which are grown hydroponically are said to grow faster and bigger than soil-grown plants, not only this but you’re able to grow plants more plants in a smaller area with hydroponics.
  • It isn’t as expensive as you think it is and you can actually save money on your water bills.
  • There are different hydroponics systems, which means you can choose one which will benefit you and what you would like to grow.

Now you know more about the benefits it is now time to some of those commonly asked questions:

What is hydroponics?

  • Hydroponics is a form of growing plants, however these plants aren’t grow in soil but they’re grown in either sand, gravel or liquid and then nutrients is added.

How many types of systems are there?

types of hydroponic systems

 In total there are six different types of hydroponic systems, these include wick systems, water culture systems, ebb and flow systems, drip systems, NFT systems and aeroponic systems.

What equipment will I need?

  • To grow successfully you will need to know what you’re growing and how much this will ensure you get the right size equipment etc. Not only this but for starters we always advise people to get grow tent kits because they often contain all the essential you need. For further information on the equipment needed visit, growandharvest.co.uk.

What can you grow hydroponically?

  • There are plenty of things which people grow hydroponically, some of these being flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit. Some of the most common fruit, vegetables and herbs which are grown is: lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, strawberries, blackberries, chives, rosemary, coriander.