Principle And Architecture Of A Pre-Wiring

The principle is very simple to state, a little less simple to achieve. It is necessary to install a so-called local technical room of distribution which gathers the points of arrival of all external links (electricity, telephone, Internet, television, optical fiber, etc.). All internal distribution outlets (electricity, lighting, and network) will be directly connected in a star on dispatchers in this room. The connection operations are simply done in this room on the splitters between the various central equipment such as circuit breakers, control panels, patching, routers or switches. There will never be a thread to “pull” in the apartment. Few architects understand the interest of this, and it is not always easy to integrate it into the plans. It’s up to you to become the architect of your wiring!

Pre-wiring is simple and inexpensive when building or renovating a house or apartment since it is simply the right way to organize the wires that will necessarily be installed. The major problem to be overcome is the lack of knowledge of everything related to computer networks and home automation by architects and different trades.

Local of Distribution

This technical room is the basic element of the wiring system since it is towards it that all the connections converge. Since all internal cables start from this room, you need to choose a rather central location to minimize the length of the cables. There is no particular problem related to the distance in a radius of 100m around the local. This room does not need to be very large, the size of a large closet is sufficient, but it is the centerpiece of the device. As an example, my technical room measures 120x150x40cm. Do not forget in this room a grounding, a ventilation device because the equipment emits heat, lighting and some additional power outlets on the electrical panel useful when installing or checking equipment. Also, provide a large door that locks. In this room, we will install electrical panels, distributors and IT equipment. It is good to provide an inverter for network equipment (ADSL box, router, switches) and monitoring systems

Installation of the Electricity Network

The electrical network is the simplest but needs extra knowledge and skills to install which is best known by companies and architects like Mister sparky electricians RI. It is necessary to respect the standard NF C15-100 of which most professionals pointed out. This standard provides for at least 5 outlets in a living room and at least 3 TV sockets if the apartment is 100m. You have to be much more generous because you never have enough catches. This is the easiest way is to install one or more distribution boxes in the central technical room and to assemble all the equipment of the electrical network such as circuit breakers, remote controls, dimmers, and clocks.


While waiting for hypothetical standards, wiring a house or apartment requires a minimum of technical skills because the various trades do not always master this area. The technical room and the passage of the cables can be envisaged reasonably only during the construction or the renovation