Self-consumption: Can we Become Autonomous in Electricity?

Self-consumption is a subject that is close to my heart since I am seriously studying this option for my home (I have plenty of wind and sun).

Here is an introduction to the subject and the philosophy surrounding the production of its electricity for energy self-sufficiency.

Total Electric Autonomy or Semi-autonomy?

Autonomy means freedom to act. From the moment you are really in total independence between your electricity production and your use, and without this disturbing the environment or your immediate neighborhood.

This total autonomy is also more often experienced than chosen by energy consumers who find themselves isolated from the networks of the usual distribution.

The others are more in a mixed search between a return to this independence and a necessary need of the network to better manage a technical, economic, and personal accounting situation.

According to a more in-depth study, the energy umbilical cord does not cut as easily. Because autonomy requires management not only optimization for the wallet, but also to assume its share on the technical side to ensure its continuous kilowatts, and also some new habits and responsibilities to assume.

Mister Sparky Electricians MA advises not to confuse the fact of producing electricity to sell it to a network which is interested, with the notion of autonomy and self-consumption electricity which has a vision of a more responsible, and social aspect.

Total Self-consumption

It remains the pinnacle of energy freedom, although it still depends on the technical part, depending on whether it comes from the industry and its current products on the market or from your little personal DIY genius, which is not the case for all.

You will, therefore, depend on solar panels or industrial wind which is less enterprising and more rarely counted as your achievements.

The Importance of Efficient Self-consumption

Autonomy will automatically put you in the face of the economic notion, without limiting it to the money saved in the long run.

The Cheapest Energy will Always be the One you don’t use.

Producing your energy to lose it elsewhere in a dwelling that remains a heat is an unnecessary fight to engage. The limitation of the needs remains thus an inescapable initial vision.

Self-consumption Electricity Reduction of GHG

To start self-consumption is, first and foremost, to isolate your home.

In this sense, first, review the insulation of your home before any energy project.

The idea remains the approach of thermal regulations currently in place and if possible reach the level of the passive house for those who aim at a new house construction.

The problem of heating pruned to the maximum, the concept of self-consumption electricity will seem a step much easier to approach and even more economical.