Should You Switch To Electronic Locks?

Electronic locks have gained more popularity thanks to more advances in modern technology. While most people feel intimidated by a high-tech lock system, there are many advantages to switching to electronic locks.

The question here, however, is should you make the switch?

Hold on to that thought until the end of the article to decide whether or not electronic locks will suit you more. You can also visit to learn more about lock services and how you can prevent a lockout.

  • Mechanical Locks VS. Electronic Locks

While both remain to be excellent tools for security, mechanical locks and electronic locks each have their ups and downs.Mechanical locks offer a more durable option while an electronic lock offers ease and convenience.And while each serves a unique purpose, both are great choices to protect your home, office, or establishment.

  • The Convenience Of Electronic Locks

One of the many reasons why people opt for electronic locks nowadays is how convenient they are. A lot of electronic locks offer a connection to the Internet, making it easier to open and close your doors and other entryways. This is also a huge advantage especially for clumsy people who often end up losing their keys. Since electronic locks are practically keyless, all you have to do is either type in a code,and you are in. Or, if we are talking extremely high-tech lock systems, you can control your entry and exit by scanning your fingerprint, your eye, or your face.

Aside from being fast and easy to use, electronic locks allow you the option to monitor and control who enters your premises. This is especially useful for people who own establishments or for those who have more than a few employees.

  • The Types Of Electronic Locks

There are many types of electronic locks available in the market today. Some of them are even improved and digital versions of existing mechanical locks. Here are a few examples of the different types of electronic locks.

Magnetic Locks

Electric Door Strikes

Electronic Keypad Locks

Radio Frequency Identification Locks (RFID)

Bluetooth Locks

Biometric Locks

  • The Problem With Electronic Locks

While there are many advantages to the use of electronic locks, it also has its fair share of difficulties.

For starters, it is more vulnerable to harsh weather compared to a mechanical lock. Since electronic locks have a digital system, it can malfunction or worse when exposed to a rough environment. Aside from weather risks, electronic locks can also be susceptible to cyber attacks. It may not be an often occurrence, but the hacking of electronic locks are possible.

Electronic locks are also more sensitive in the sense that they need to be in top condition at all times for it to work properly. Whether it is battery operated or plugged in a socket, electronic locks rely on a power source so heavily while mechanical locks don’t require any at all. It can also be more difficult to fix or replace parts of an electronic lock since there are different components needed.

Final Word

Should you make the switch? The answer is really up to you. Depending on your daily routine and where you want to use it, electronic locks can offer you the ease of entry and locking that you have always wanted. Consider visiting  to learn more about lock installations and other services.

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