The Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems for your Business

When you run your own buses then you have a duty of care to both your customers and staff. No matter how big or small your business, nor how many staff you employ, you really need to have a fire alarm system in place. Below we explain what a fire alarm system is and what the many benefits are in installing a fire alarm system.

The fire alarm system

Basically, a fire alarm system comprises of a smoke detector and an alarm that alerts your customers and staff to the fact that there is a fire on your premises. When you have a fire alarm system fitted, it should also come equipped with the following safety features and equipment.

Fire extinguishers
Emergency lights
Exit lights
A sprinkler enabled system

The advantages of a fire alarm system

There are so many advantages in installing a fire alarm system for your business. We shall list them below.

1. Early warning This is by far the most important reason for installing a fire alarm system. The early warning that you get when it detects a fire, ultimately saves lives. The good news is that to be effective, it can be placed almost anywhere within your company’s building, so you will be able to incorporate one, no matter how large or compact. For the maximum effect, and to ensure absolute safety, a fire alarm should ideally be placed on every single floor of your building. If you are not in the building when a fire takes hold, then as long as the system is wired up to a remote monitoring system, you will be notified of the fire which will then enable the system to set in motion the system’s safety steps. These will be to safely evacuate the building, quickly, during the early stages of the fire.

2. Early medical assistance When you have installed a fire alarm system, as soon as the alarm is triggered, the ambulance service will be notified, and an ambulance dispatched to offer medical assistance, if needed. Therefore, if there have been casualties as a result of a fire, then they will receive immediate medical intervention.

3. Immediate assistance from the fire brigade The same is also true for the fire brigade, as once again they will be contacted automatically if a fire breaks out. They will be given your exact location, and will be able to orchestrate the evacuation process, making sure that everyone remains safe.

4. Eliminate those costly false fire alarms A final benefit, is that the installation of a fire alarm system, will stop many false fire alarms. This will save you a lot of money, as well as embarrassment.

Nobody wants their business to be set on fire. The consequences of such an incident are catastrophic. As well as a loss of damages, earnings, time that the business can operate and the costs involved in restarting the business, there is also the risk to human life, including injury or even death. Be sure to install several fire alarms and have a professional install a fire alarm system for you. This will give you that much needed peace of mind.

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