The Must Have Center Piece for the Holidays

Pret-a- Fleur-Eternal Roses New York

Impress your family members and guests over a festive treat with a beautifully arranged dining table. There is something magical and festive about roses and you can set the right ambiance and charm with fragrant roses showcased beautifully on your dinner table. Pret-a-Fleur Eternal Roses New York brings you an awesome collection of roses which spread fragrance and a pop of color which will stand out. Setting up the perfect centerpiece for the holidays has never been easier as you don’t have to worry about buying fresh flowers since these roses can last the next Holiday dinner.


Pret-a-Fleur-Eternal Roses New York knows exactly how to help you with your holiday décor! Dress up your tables with some pretty candles, a dash of greenery and of course red roses from Pret-a-Fleur-Eternal Roses New York to make a stunning statement during your holiday parties.

About Us:

Pret-a-Fleur-Eternal Roses New York was an entrepreneurial vision which was started with an aim to provide something beyond than what regular florists offer. We wanted to offer people gifting and décor roses which they need not worry about at all. We carefully selected natural roses and immersed them in our patented formula of natural-plant based solution and a preserving substance. The resultant flowers retain their freshness and fragrance and also do not need any sunlight or water. We not only offer spectacular eternal roses but also offer gift boxes and centerpiece arrangements. Our gift boxes are made from carefully selected glazed and textured ceramics which are crafted by master artisans. We aim at creating stunning centerpiece arrangements that lights up the dull décor of your home.

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