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Have your rug expertly cleaned because every now and again your rug needs some TLC!

Choosing a Rug Cleaning and Restoration specialist isn’t easy! Because chances are that at some point in your life you have had a rug poorly cleaned or maybe even ruined (or a friend has had this experience using someone who claimed to know how to properly clean an oriental or area rug).

Many people own rugs that they love!, Maybe the rug has a family history and has much sentimental value or maybe just because they spent a great deal of time finding the perfect piece to showcase in their home; it matches the rooms furnishings like no other.

 An expensive handmade, woven rug is a piece that a weaver has spent months, or perhaps even years creating; crafting their design one small hand tied knot at a time. Now that piece of art is yours, it’s in your home and you want to take good care of it.

Oh dear, the problem is … you aren’t sure exactly how to take care of it so that it stays clean and healthy and continues to look great even lasting for many more years to come any you’re not sure who you can trust to take on this work!

There are the many; from dry cleaners to carpet cleaners who claim to be oriental and area rug cleaning experts.

The fact of the matter is that there are only a handful of companies in the country who specialise in the safe and proper care and handling of rugs, they are trained and qualified and experts in their field, one of these companies Warrington Carpet Cleaners.co.uk

You can discuss your requirements with us at length and should you decide to give us the task we’ll take great care of your rug and lovingly restore it to looking and feeling its best once more.

What’s next?

The best way to ensure your beautiful rug is cleaned correctly whilst getting great value for your money is to remove it to a rug-cleaning facility manned by a professional, industry certificated and experienced Master Rug Cleaner supported by a specialist insurance policy for just such a job and your peace of mind (a current copy of our specifically itemised liability insurance policy will be provided for your viewing during your appointment).

Please spare me a moment or two and let me briefly explain how and why we do what we do to ensure your rug receives the very best of care and attention through a rigorous and detailed rug cleaning and restoration process: At the outset we;

Evaluate: prior to taking away and again (more in-depth) at our rug cleaning facility we check for possible existing problems and damage BEFORE we do anything else. You will receive the very best advice from our surveyor, at your appointment and together we can decide upon the most appropriate cleaning method for your rug. Moving along;

Test, Test, Test: this checks to see if all of the oriental or area rug’s dyes are ‘fixed’ so there isn’t any colour-run, if they aren’t fixed we may still be able to clean the rug by employing an additional dye fixing method. The most important action of all, which is overlooked very often, is;

Dusting process: nearly all rugs we clean have dry soils trapped deep down in the rug’s pile where they are compacted underfoot and overtime. These soils are nigh on impossible to remove with a standard vacuum cleaner. The removal of this dry soil is vital if we are to ensure your rug is cleaned correctly. To do this the rug must be turned onto its front and ‘beaten’ on the reverse-side to free the compacted soil. As you can imagine this is a very dirty job so it’s just not practical to be carried out in your home. Then;

Cleaning: the cleaning method employed will largely depend on the extent and nature of the overall soiling, where the rug has been sited, is there pre-existing damage, spots, spillages, pet accidents e.g. urine etc… And finally;

Groom and Dry: from the moment your rug has completed the cleaning process it will be dried and groomed. Fast drying techniques are employed so that the chances of shrinkage, damp odours and colour-run are removed. All that’s left is for us to return your rug to you at an agreed time and date.

Before removing your treasured rug for some well-earned TLC, the whole of the above process, as applicable to your rug, will be discussed with you in detail. You will then be provided with a fixed price quote in writing and the decision whether to proceed is up to you, there is absolutely no obligation to do so and of course there is our 100% Customer Guarantee of Satisfaction.

You may wish to avail yourself of one of a range of additional treatments for your rug e.g. having a stain guard protective coating applied to protect against spots and spills and to promote the wear of the fibre. The range of additional treatments and their costs will be explained during your appointment with our surveyor.

We operates a stand-a-lone service, which deals with the removal of spillages, spots, stains and odour removal including remedying pet accidents on carpets, floor coverings and soft furnishings such as leather or fabric upholstery in the home or place of work.

Please be aware that we do not, indeed cannot guarantee that a stain can be removed successfully and it would be improper for us to suggest this. What we can say is that if it is possible to attempt to remove a stain from a fibre or fabric, without causing further unnecessary damage, then we will attempt to do so. Our track record in removing problems of this nature is excellent but on occasion is not always successful.

A successful outcome will very much depend on the action taken immediately following the accident; it is unfortunate but oft times many people listen to inappropriate advice from people they know, sages, to old wives tales and quite often take to desperate measures which end in desperate outcomes. Once the material or fibre has been damaged by harsh rubbing and/or scrubbing it will not be possible to make good even where the stain is removed, unless the offending fibre or material is actually repaired with new materials which is outside the scope of this page.

Where a household chemical has been added to the mix, the nature of the stain changes so that we now have what might be described as a ‘stew’, in other words the original problem is no longer because we now have a new, usually more difficult problem to contend with.

When a family pet has urinated or been sick on say a carpet then we have a whole new set of problems. Some of these problems will relate to bacteria issues and odours and others to the effect that hot urine or bile form the stomach can ‘scorch’ the fibre or fabric such that there will be a loss of colour to the affected area and highlighted by the unaffected area around.

None of the problems mentioned above are insurmountable but as previously stated it may not be possible to make them ‘go away’ entirely and it should always be borne in mind that at best it may only be possible to improve matters. So a corner of the room position for example, may be of minor consequence because it is possible to place something over and hide the offending area. Whereas if the same problem occurred in the centre of the room, well…you can see the difficulty!

Should you be contemplating an insurance claim we can give appropriate advice but only in respect of the various outcomes possible were we to be employed to carry out any remedial works? A written report of remedial action taken by us and an invoice for insurance purposes can, at the customer’s request, be supplied to the customer and at no additional cost to that of the removal fee.

An Insurance company will normally expect you to take all reasonable care and measures following an ‘accident’ to preserve the insured item as best as you can. Calling upon the services of an expert such as Warrington Carpet Cleaners might be deemed to being seen to be taking such reasonable and measured action.

Remember before you do anything else you can ask for a FREE copy of our Spillage and Stains Tips Removal Sheet by completing the request box on the top right hand side of our Home page. However, this is not an invitation to attempt the removal of the problem yourself but merely some advice in the event you decide to go it alone. Professional advice and practical assistance is always recommended as there are so many variables and things that might go wrong.

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